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How to Dress for the Airport: Outfit ideas

How to Dress for the Airport: Outfit ideas

The Essentials

What outfit is perfect for the airport?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as factors such as the weather, the length of your flight, and your personal preferences may influence your choices. Here you come to a possible casual airport outfit…

What outfit is most convenient for traveling on a plane?

When traveling on a plane, you want to avoid outfits that are too tight, too bulky, or too complicated. An idea for a very comfortable airport outfit you can find here…

What is the best thing to wear on an international flight?

If you are flying internationally, you may have to deal with different time zones, climates, and cultures. Therefore, you want to wear something that is adaptable, appropriate, and comfortable. 

Traveling by plane can be both exciting and stressful, especially when it comes to choosing what to wear. You want to look stylish and put-together in your airport outfit, but also feel comfortable and cozy during your flight. You also want to avoid any hassle or inconvenience at the security check or the baggage claim.

So, how do you find the perfect balance between fashion and function? What are some of the best airport outfits for different occasions and destinations? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more, and give you some practical and inspiring tips on how to dress for the airport. Let’s start with some frequently asked questions about airport style.

The Casual-Chic Airport Outfit

A casual chic outfit is always a good choice

If you’re looking for an airport outfit that’s casual yet chic, you can’t go wrong with a classic denim and white combo. Simple yet timeless, this outfit works for any season and any destination. You can wear your favorite pair of jeans (skinny, straight leg, or boyfriend) with a white t-shirt (solid, graphic, or striped) and complete the look with a denim jacket (cropped, oversized, or distressed). You can also add a few accessories like a colorful scarf (silk, cotton, or wool), a leather belt (black, brown, or tan), or a pair of earrings (hoops, studs, or dangles).

Tip: To make this outfit more comfortable for flying, choose jeans that have some stretch in them and avoid jeans that are too tight or too low-rise. You can also swap your denim jacket for a cardigan or a hoodie if you get cold easily.

The Sporty-Cool Airport Outfit

For an airport outfit that is sporty yet cool, try an athleisure-inspired look. This outfit is trendy yet practical and works for any activity or occasion. You can wear your favorite pair of sweatpants (solid, printed, or striped) with a sweatshirt (cropped, oversized, or logoed) and complete the look with a pair of sneakers (white, colorful, or chunky). You can also add a few accessories like a baseball cap (solid, embroidered, or slogan), a backpack (nylon, leather, or quilted), or a pair of sunglasses (aviators, round, or cat-eye).

Tip: To make this outfit more convenient for traveling, choose joggers that have pockets or zippers to store your valuables. You can also swap your sweatshirt for a bomber jacket or a windbreaker if you need more warmth or protection.

The Boho-Glam Airport Outfit

When looking for an airport outfit that is boho yet glamorous, opt for a maxi dress and cardigan combo. This outfit is feminine but flattering and works for any mood or destination. You can pair your favorite maxi dress (floral, solid, or tie-dye) with a cardigan (knit, fringed, or belted) and finish the look with a pair of sandals (flat, heeled, or wedge). You can also add some sparkle with accessories such as a necklace (pendant, layered, or statement), a bracelet (cuff, bangle, or charm), or a ring (stacked, gemstone, or signet).

Tip: To make this outfit more comfortable for flying, choose a maxi dress that is made of soft, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant fabric such as cotton, rayon, or silk. You can also swap your cardigan for a shawl or a poncho if you want more coverage or coziness.

The Business-Smart Airport Outfit

If you are on a business trip, then a smart business outfit is just the thing for you

If you are looking for an airport outfit that is business yet smart, you can stick with a blazer and pants ensemble. This outfit is professional but polished and works for any meeting or event. You can wear your favorite pair of pants (slim fit, wide leg, or cropped) with a blouse (solid, printed, or frilly) and complete the look with a blazer (black, navy, or plaid). You can also add sophistication with a few accessories, such as a watch (analog, digital, or smart), a tote bag (canvas, leather, or nylon), or a pair of loafers (black, brown, or metallic).

Tip: To make this outfit more suitable for flying, choose pants that are made of stretchy, breathable, and wrinkle-free fabric such as polyester, spandex, or nylon. You can also swap your blazer for a trench coat or a leather jacket if you need more versatility or style.

How to Accessorize Your Airport Outfit: The Dos and Don’ts

One of the easiest and most fun ways to dress up your airport outfit is to add some stylish and functional accessories. Accessories can add personality, color and flair to your look, as well as provide some practical benefits, such as keeping you warm, organized or entertained. However, not all accessories are suitable for flying, and some may even cause you trouble or discomfort. So you need to be careful and smart about what you wear or carry on the plane. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to airport accessories.

Do: Wear a scarf

A scarf is one of the best accessories for flying because it can serve multiple purposes. You can use it to keep your neck warm, cover your mouth and nose when the air is dry or dusty, wrap it around your shoulders or legs when you feel cold, or use it as a pillow or blanket when you want to take a nap. A scarf can also add color and texture to your outfit, making it look more chic and cozy. You can choose a scarf that matches or contrasts with your outfit, and experiment with different ways to tie or drape it.

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Don’t: Wear too much jewelry

While jewelry can be a great way to express your style and personality, it can also be a hassle and a risk when flying. Jewelry can get tangled, lost, or damaged during your travel, and it can also trigger the metal detector at the security check, which may delay you or cause you some embarrassment. Therefore, it is better to keep your jewelry minimal and simple when flying. You can wear one or two pieces of jewelry that are easy to remove and put back on, such as a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a watch. You can also opt for jewelry that is made of non-metallic materials such as wood, plastic, or leather.

Don’t: Hats can get in the way of your vision, comfort, and security.

Do: Carry a tote bag

A tote bag is another great accessory for flying, as it can help you store and organize your essentials such as your passport, phone, wallet, keys, earphones, books, magazines, snacks, water bottle, etc. A tote bag is also easy to carry and access, as you can just sling it over your shoulder or hold it in your hand. You can choose a tote bag that is spacious enough to fit all your items, but not too big or heavy that it will weigh you down or take up too much space. You can also choose a tote bag that has some pockets or compartments to keep your things more organized.

Don’t: Carry too many bags

While having a carry-on bag is convenient and helpful when flying, having too many bags is not. Carrying too many bags can make you look clumsy and overloaded, and it can also make your trip more difficult and stressful. You may have trouble finding or accessing your items, you may have to pay extra fees to check in or store your bags, or you may have to deal with lost or damaged bags. When flying, it is better to limit yourself to one carry-on bag and one personal item. You can pack smartly and efficiently by choosing items that are essential, versatile and compact.

Ace Your Airport Style

As you can see, there are many ways to dress for the airport that are both stylish and comfortable. You can mix and match different pieces and accessories to create your own unique airport outfit that fits your travel purpose and personality.

The key is to choose outfits that are versatile, comfortable and easy to layer. You also want to avoid outfits that are too tight, bulky or complicated. By following these tips and ideas, you can up your airport style game and enjoy your flight.