About us

This is the editorial team of thestyleblogger.com. We are united by the passion for fashion and the search for new trends.

The selection of possible styles is huge and you do not know exactly what to look for when buying? Then take a look at our product recommendations and get inspired. Have fun browsing.

Kim Bruce

Kim has been fascinated by fashion since childhood. She studied journalism and can combine her two passions at thestyleblogger.com.

She likes to research new product recommendations for you and gets inspired by everything she finds. You can find her favorites in her product guides.

Leona Reeves

Leona is an enthusiastic fashion blogger. She is always on the lookout for the latest trends and likes to be inspired by the collections of the great designers.

In our product recommendations you will find great trends – no matter how much you want to spend.

Amber James

Casual elegance best describes Amber’s clothing style. Current trends interest Amber rather less. Her passion are simple, casual and timeless outfits.

She finds inspiration on the Internet or in fashion magazines. She shares her favorite product recommendations with you in our guides.

Leo Busch

Leo has a penchant for versatility. Sometimes casual and sporty, sometimes chic and elegant, sometimes relaxed and comfortable – he doesn’t want to be pinned down to one style, but likes to try out new things.

This is optimal for you! That’s why he knows a lot about different styles and can give you versatile tips in our product recommendations. There is certainly the right thing for you.